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E-H-R Car Audio Offers the Following Services:

Audio Installation
Installation of speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, satellite radio, and complete sound systems, among many more options.
Playback Systems
Enhance your car audio experience with our installation of CarPlay, Android Auto, and much more.
Alarms and Cameras
We are highly reliable professionals in the installation of car alarms, rear cameras activated when reversing, and dashboard cameras.
LED Lights
We provide reliable installation of LED lights for interiors and exteriors. Make your car stand out with quality work that will always look impeccable.
Car Window Tinting Service
The best car window tinting is at our workshop. Quick, secure response with the best prices in the Los Angeles area and surroundings.

Importance of Car Cameras

A car camera system provides greater control and mastery while driving in reverse. Our goal is to create the best driving experience for everyone.

Camera installation is one of our specialties. We provide fast, clean, and effective work that will have your vehicle up and running immediately without causing damage or inconvenience. Drive safely and confidently with our 100% professional installation service, guaranteed at the lowest market price.

Years of Experience and Professionalism

E-H-R Car Audio Installation delivers reliable work in every installation and service we offer. We are a team of highly trained technicians with years of experience in various tasks. We guarantee clean, efficient, and timely work.

Experience makes the difference.

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Are you looking for quality, good prices, and professional services? In our auto shop, you have everything you're looking for. We specialize in car audio installation. Cleanliness, knowledge, speed, and reliability make us the best in our industry. We provide installation of car audio systems, alarms, cameras, LED lights, windshield tinting, and much more.

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At E-H-R Car Audio Installation, we are committed to the quality of our service and serving our customers. While appointments are not required at our workshop, we recommend making one for immediate and timely attention.

Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Protection against UV Rays
The main benefit of tinting car windows is protection against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. The tint film acts as an effective barrier, blocking up to 99% of UV rays, not only protecting your skin from potential damage but also helping prevent fading and cracking of the vehicle's interior.
Glare Reduction
Driving in intense sunlight can be uncomfortable and even dangerous due to glare. Polarization significantly reduces sun glare, enhancing visibility, especially in bright light or during sunset, contributing to safer and more comfortable driving.
Improved Privacy
Polarized film adds an extra layer of privacy by reducing visibility from the outside. This not only provides greater privacy while driving but also protects your belongings from prying eyes, deterring potential theft attempts.
Cooler Interior
By blocking a significant portion of solar radiation, polarization helps keep the vehicle's interior cooler, especially in warm climates. This reduces the need to use air conditioning to the maximum, saving fuel and improving energy consumption efficiency.
Enhanced Safety in Case of an Accident
In the event of a car accident, polarized film can help keep the windows intact and prevent them from shattering into dangerous fragments. This contributes to the safety of occupants by reducing the risk of injuries from broken glass.
Customized Aesthetics
In addition to practical benefits, glass polarization also offers an aesthetic option to customize your vehicle's appearance. You can choose from different tint levels to achieve the perfect balance between style and functionality.

Customer Testimonials

Eden is a great worker and took care of me. He installed a Viper alarm in my 1998 Prelude and fixed a door problem because it wasn't closing properly. They work fast and well here. I will come back here. Thank you, E-H-R Audio Installation!


Steven E.

Covina, CA

I must say that E-H-R was an excellent place to buy things for my car at an excellent price. Their customer service was amazing. I needed speakers, and the owner showed me the entire process and provided me with various options. E-H-R offers reasonable prices. They address all your car audio needs.


Theodore C.

Los Ángeles, CA

I brought my car here for window tinting four months ago. They did a great job, no bubbles or anything like that, really good work.


Kelly M.

Los Angeles, CA

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